Best Cloth Diapers For Baby Girls

Best Girls Cloth Diapers

My favorite thing about shopping for boys and girls is that you can get all excited about the different genders if you want and go with super fun gender-specific colors and prints.

I’m practical enough to purchase a majority of gender neutral diapers but I can’t ignore all the adorable, gender specific prints and colors there are.

My son has lots of diapers with prints of dinosaurs, zoo animals, and cars.

My girls have had lots of pink and purple diapers with a healthy dose of princess, flower, and butterfly prints.

And because it doesn’t really matter what the diaper looks like, I found that my son looks awesome in his older sister’s hand-me-down hot pink diapers and my daughter can really rock her big brother’s dinosaurs.

When it comes down to it, pretty is nice but what you really need to look for in a diaper is function.

You need to keep in mind in where your baby needs the strongest amount of absorbency.

Boys usually need a heavy wet zone in the front of their diapers.

Girls tend to wet in the center between their legs and sometimes slightly towards the back which means that you can space the absorbency in a girls diaper evenly throughout the diaper, possibly focusing it in the front for belly sleepers and the back for back sleepers.

In my opinion, this means that it’s just a tad bit easier finding absorbent cloth diapers for girls than for boys.

So which type of diapers work best for girls?

That all depends upon your daughter’s body type and how much she pees.

It also depends upon your preferences and your budget.

So, let’s look at some options:

Prefold And Flat Diapers

Prefolds And Flats

Prefold and flat diapers are great for either gender because you can fold the diaper so that the absorbency is placed right where your baby needs it.

With prefold diapers, the angel fold is probably the most common fold, and it places the absorbency in the middle and the front of the diaper. If you use a prefold that is slightly longer than necessary, you can either fold down in the back or the front, placing more absorbency in one of those two areas.

Another popular fold for prefolds is the pad fold. With the pad fold, you trifold the diaper and lay it inside the cover. This distributes the absorbency evenly from the back through the front of the diaper, and it generally the easiest way to use a prefold.

When using a flat diaper, there are a variety of great options.

The origami fold is definitely a popular one. It folds the diaper so that there is a thick pad of absorbency along the center of the diaper from the front, through the back. It also gives the diaper extra long closure tabs which places some extra absorbency in the front of the diaper.

The diaper bag fold pretty much turns your flat diaper into an angel folded prefold. For this particular fold, you can decide whether you want the absorbency concentrated in the back/middle or front/middle before angel folding it.

My favorite flat diaper fold for girls is the kite fold. I feel that this fold distributes the absorbency the most evenly throughout the diaper.

Fitted Diapers

Fitted Cover

Fitted diapers, commonly just called fitteds, are a super absorbent diaper without a waterproof layer.

They’re commonly the favorite choice for night time because of their ability to absorb large amounts of moisture.

They are also great for either gender.

I have loved using my fitteds on both boys and girls.

I generally cut up old T shirts to make my own, but there are some wonderful options available at your online cloth diaper retailers.


Pocket Diaper

Though flat diapers and prefolds are definitely the most customizable when it comes to putting your absorbency right where you want it, people often steer clear of them because all that folding seems daunting.

If you want a very customizable diaper that requires less steps, then go with a pocket diaper.

These diapers have pockets between a stay dry layer and a waterproof layer where you can put the absorbency.

They usually come with absorbent inserts, but you don’t have to use them.

You can stuff a pocket diaper with whatever you’d like.

Keep the inserts they already have and use them alone, double up with extra inserts, or completely switch out with inserts of your own choosing.

I like to scrap my microfiber inserts and fill my pocket diapers with Babykicks Joeybunz Hemp inserts because they are very trim.

Babykicks Hemp Inserts

I also like to stuff them with tri-folded prefolds or flats because they are absorbent, inexpensive, and all natural.

Another reason I like the old fashioned diapers is that they are the easiest to wash.

In addition to choosing what type of absorbency to use in a pocket diaper, you can also place it where it’s most needed.

With my son, I fold down an insert at the front, or place a an extra insert at the front of the diaper.

With my daughter, I fold down inserts at the back or place an extra inserts in the middle of the diaper.

Over the years I have grown to love a couple of different kinds of pocket diapers.

BumGenius is probably my favorite. Their pocket diaper is the first I ever owned and it’s one I still love. It has great materials and a nice fit for a good range of sizes and body types.

The Smartipants pocket diaper has been one of our favorite pocket diapers because of the durable snaps and the sleeve opening.

Whatever you choose to use to stuff a Smartipants, it will agitate out in the wash so there is no unstuffing before throwing a dirty diaper into the diaper pail. Also, they’re inexpensive.

They are no longer widely available, but you can still find them at

Another inexpensive, sleeve opening pocket is from Diaper Safari. They have cute colors or simple animal prints, they are inexpensive, good quality, and they work well.

FuzziBunz also has a unique pocket diaper because it adjusts to fit your baby through buttonhole elastics at the back and the legs.

All of these brands can be stuffed with the inserts they come with or the inserts of your choosing.


Thirsties One Size AIO

All-In-One diapers seem to be pretty popular these days and they have a variety of different styles.

These diapers are the easiest to use but they aren’t as easy to customize as your flats, prefolds, or pockets.

Most AIO diapers have tongue style soakers that are attached at one end.

Some of the soakers are the same length as the diaper like in the Imagine Bamboo AIO; some are double the length of the diaper and can be folded as needed to place absorbency where you want it like the Smart Bottoms AIO; some have a double tongue that is the length of the diaper but can also be folded upwards to place absorbency in the front for boys, like the Thirsties Natural AIO; and some are AIO diapers with pockets and extra long soakers/tongues that can be stuffed into the pockets or stay outside of the pockets and can be folded as needed to custom-place the absorbency, like the Tots Bots Star and the Blueberry Organic Simplex.

There are many more AIO diapers with many more styles of soaker pads too, but these are some of the ones I have tried and love. I used any of these on my girls with success.

Of all the AIOs I just mentioned, I think I may prefer the Smart Bottoms AIO simply because the soaker tongue is SO long that you really can fold the absorbency where you need it.

I also really like the Thirsties Natural AIO. Though the soakers are short, they lay in the middle and have an even amount of absorbency from the front to the back, which is just what most girls need.

Doublers And Soakers


I have mentioned soakers and inserts a lot through this post.

An insert is a strip of multi-layered, rectangular fabric that either comprises the absorbency of a diaper or can be added to a diaper for more absorbency.

In an AIO, this absorbent layer isn’t usually removable so it is often called a soaker or the soaker pad.

Extra inserts are sometimes called “doublers” as they double the absorbency of a diaper.

All of these are great for use with any type of diaper to give it absorbency or to add more.

They can be folded into your prefolds and flats, laid flat in your fitteds, stuffed into your pockets, and lay underneath the existing absorbency in your AIOs.

Thankfully, cloth diapering girls isn’t really too different from cloth diapering boys.

You just have to keep in mind that girls pee down, and boys pee forward.

It’s fortunate that so many different types of cloth diapers are easily adjustable for both genders so that you won’t end up purchasing an entire new cloth diaper stash if you’re ever blessed with a sibling of the opposite sex.

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