Cloth Diapering Twins Or Multiples: What To Expect

Diapering Twins

When I first found out that I was pregnant with twins my husband and I were delighted!

We couldn’t believe our luck.

We would get to have two babies to hold, cuddle with and just love on.

But reality started to sit in and as we sat down to really begin to understand what it really means to have twins… double everything!

Double the cost of clothes, double the cost of food and double the cost of diapers, things were adding up pretty quickly.

My husband and I sat down and started to think of ways we could save money.

How we are going to diaper our babies was on topic.

So how much would it cost for a family of twins if they were to go down the disposable diaper route?

It is estimated that for a year of diapering one baby it would cost a family at least $600 a year.

Times that by 2 or more babies, diapers can get very costly.

Especially when you consider the length that your child may be in diapers for their first years.

This is the main reason why we started to look into cloth diapering our new twins.

To be honest, the thought of cloth diapering was not my favorite idea.

With twins, the work would be twice as much and the idea that I would have scrub poop and pee from each diaper wasn’t ideal either.

I really wasn’t too keen on this idea. But we needed to save money and this was one way to cut some of the costs.

On A Budget

When you first start to shop for cloth diapers, you may be a bit surprised at the initial cost.

Though they may seem a bit pricey in the beginning, remember that this product is one that you will be able to continuously use.

For my twins, I had about 46 diapers in my collection.

The older they got the less I had to change them as well. But in the beginning, 46 diapers were pretty much what I used daily.

This equates to about $400 in the initial cost of getting cloth diapers.

Children are in diapers for at least 2 to 3 years.

So that $600 times 3 equates to $1800 total. Times that by two babies and that is $3600.

By going the cloth diapering route, you are saving about $3,200.

This is not including the other costs of diapering your baby such as diaper cream and wipes.

It’s hard to ignore this number without seriously considering to go through the cloth diapering route.

So I decided to give it a shot.

Here are some things to expect:

You may wonder if you should buy snaps vs the Velcro found on cloth diapers.

There are pros and cons of each option.

Velcro, while easier tends to be a bit easier and quicker to work with.

These are especially nice when they get older and a bit squirmier when you are changing their diaper.

You can easily hold them down and put their diaper back on without many problems.

But Velcro does tend to wear a bit faster and they are pretty loud when you need to open them up.

With snaps, these tend to be a bit tricky.

For a squirmy baby who just learned how to roll over or crawl, snaps can be a real pain.

There are a lot of snaps on cloth diapers so that it makes sure that it stays on your baby but this can take time fastening back together.

The nice thing about snaps though is that it doesn’t wear over time through many washes and it is a bit quieter when opening and sealing back together.

I generally only used snap cloth diapers at night.

The care and maintenance of keeping up on your cloth diapers isn’t as bad as one may think.

You don’t have to scrub each diaper and you definitely don’t have to line dry them.

Though some parents will say that you need to do this, my diapers have always held up just fine with the way that I take care of them.

With twins, I really just needed a quick way to clean my diapers.

I usually put my dirty diapers in a rinse cycle before I then add the rest of my children’s laundry.

From there I washed it in hot water and then I just put it in the dryer.

All of my diapers have held up beautifully with this process.

Sure there are ways to make your cloth diapers look meticulously kept and perfect, but with twins and it being something no one really sees anyways, what’s the point?

I vote less work!

Life Come To This

Though there does come a point when you need to strip your diapers.

There comes a time that no matter how many times you wash your dirty cloth diapers, they can’t seem to get clean or get that smell out.

This is when you know you need to strip them.

This is a pretty easy process.

All you need is Dawn soap and some bleach.

For information on how to strip your cloth diapers, check out this post:

You do end up doing laundry every other day if not daily. You begin to make it your night time routine.

I always put mine in the wash at the end of the night and then in the dryer while we are sleeping.

In the morning, I take them out and fold them so that they are ready to use for the whole day.

While, this isn’t my ideal to be doing laundry every day, I just kept thinking about all the money I was saving.

One of the best things about cloth diapering my babies is that they really never have had a diaper rash.

Diaper rashes are the worst and they can be so bad that they can break out into huge blisters and can be very painful.

Since using cloth diapers, I have yet to see a bad diaper rash!

This is great having one less thing to worry about.

The only drawback of using cloth diapers is when you are going out and about with my twins.

There really isn’t an easy way to store a dirty cloth diaper, plus no one really wants to tote it around all day.

With disposable diapers, the ease of just throwing away a diaper is far more attractive.

Sometimes, I would use disposable diapers if I knew we were going to be out and about all day.

This made it a bit easier going out and not having to worry what I was going to do with two baby’s dirty diapers.

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