The Milestones That Most Parents Never Talk About

Growing Up

When you have your baby, you start to become very familiar with developmental milestones.

You start looking forward to when they take their first steps, say their first words and get their first tooth in.

As exciting these milestones are, they also help make sure that your child is progressing normally and on track.

While these milestones are the more well known, there are some milestones that all children reach but parents don’t talk much about.

These milestones become almost a rite of passage for all parents. They are the good and the ugly of becoming full fledge parents.

1. Changing Their Diaper Becomes A Wrestling Match

There will come a time when changing a diaper will become a full contact sport.

You will wonder how this little human being seems to have the strength of an adult man as they wiggle and kick their legs trying to break free.

You will wonder why they want to simmer in their own filth rather than get a clean diaper on.

You will find yourself googling to see if strait jackets come in baby size because that would be the only way to get through a diaper change without making a complete mess.

2. Their First Laugh

First Laugh

You may be running on very little sleep when this happens.

You may even be questioning why you wanted to become a parent in the first place.

This was way harder than what you expect parenthood to be like.

Between caring for a new baby and making sure that you are not neglecting any of your other responsibilities, it may feel like you are swimming barley able to keep you head above water.

But then something absolutely amazing happens.

Your baby laughs.

And it will be the sweetest sound you will ever hear, reminding you why you wanted to be a parent in the first place.

3. They Realize Farts Are Funny

This comes a bit later but one day when it is quiet and they let one out and it will be a loud one.

They will look at you and while you will try your hardest not to laugh you can’t help yourself and therefore they laugh along with you.

But if you were really honest with yourself, farts are funny.

While you try to give them proper social cues of how to be polite when this happens, it is completely disregarded and you yourself will be trying to hold in the laughter.

4. The Kid Character Obsession

Your child will have their first infatuation with one these characters.

Whether it is Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train, Dora the Explorer or someone else their infatuation will start to seem like an obsession.

And unknowingly, you will become the enabler of this new found obsession.

You will buy them the DVDs, shirts, stuffed animals, bed spreads and dinner plates all bearing images of the new imaginary best friend.

They will watch the movies and DVD on a continuous loop and you will realize that you too have memorized every song or movie lines of this kids character might have.

Oh the money you will spend just so your little one can meet his favorite character in real life!

If you haven’t already hit this milestone, you should probably start saving for it now.

5. They Will Test The Limits Of Your Child Proofing

Child Proofing

You may think your child proofing set up is spectacular.

That there is no way they can escape or even find a way to hurt themselves.

All the outlets are covered, gates are up and anything that would be deemed unsafe is locked away.

But one day you will find that they somehow found a way to either escape or climb on things that you wouldn’t think have been possible.

Do they have no self-preservation skills?!

Why would they think climbing the bookshelf or the refrigerator was fun?!

6. Everything Suddenly Becomes A Death Trap

Potential Danger

Once your child is mobile you won’t be able to look at places like you once did before kids.

That nice lake your friend’s house was sitting on, no longer looks as appealing as it once was.

Instead all you can think of is the what ifs and how you need to keep a good eye on your kid just in case you ever visit.

All the furniture and home layouts become potential death traps or ways your kids can get hurt.

You start to wonder if you should just pad all the walls and floors of your home just to play it on the safe side.

Even the once innocent park with their numerous play toy structures become multiple ways your child can hurt themselves.

7. When You Hit The Realization Your Kid Is Growing Up

It will hit you suddenly and without warning.

It is almost like they grew overnight.

You will walk in that morning, thinking you are just getting them out of bed and you will give them a double take and realize they all of a sudden look more like a kid than a baby anymore.

You will wonder what happened or where did the time go?

How was this once baby become this now kid you see before you and how can you make time go by slower?

8. They Start Repeating Things They Shouldn’t

It will come out of nowhere and it will become more apparent that you now need to watch everything that you say and do from now on.

It may be that swear word that you thought you were so careful not to say in front of them or maybe it was something not very pleasant that you may have said about someone (possibly about your crazy mother in law) and they decided to be funny and repeat it.

It is now time to be extra diligent on what you say.

9. You Kid Suddenly Has No Filter

No Filter

And it will test your self-confidence and in the same time can be brutally embarrassing.

Think you are looking fat in those jeans today?

Need an honest opinion?

Your toddler will give you their complete honest, no holds, no apologies opinion – even without you wanting their opinion.

They will even give their opinions to unsuspecting strangers in public.

They will ask questions like, “Mom, why is your tummy squishy?” or “Why is that man so fat?”

It is best to just apologize and try to use them as opportunities for a teachable moment.

10. They Learned To Say No And Will Test Your Sanity

Can't And No

It is like one day they have found a bit of independence and this just so happens to coincide with the time they have learned how to say no.

And they will say no to just about everything.

Want something to eat? No!

Let’s get that diaper changed. No!

It’s time to take a nap. No!

This is like a small introduction into teenage hood. You will wonder when your sweet baby become an angsty teenager?

It is a battle of the wills and sometimes it will seem like they are trying to test how close to crazy they can make you before you just break down.

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